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5 Tips For a Perfect Selfie Smile

Before you add your smile to the more than one million posted to social media every day, here’s some helpful selfie tips.

Take care of your teeth

This should go without saying, no? To give the best impression possible, you’re going to want to show off your pearly whites, right? Which, naturally, means your pearlies need to actually be white. If yours have seen better days, brush up on your dental hygiene… literally. Daily flossing is a chore, but think of the benefits: healthy-looking gums and fresher breath. Periodic check-ups can keep your dental hygiene on-track. For a brighter smile, Dr. Silverman, NYC Upper West Side dentist, recommends in-office whitening to make quick work of the deepest stains. He can also make custom whitening trays for at-home whitening. Crooked teeth or cracked teeth keeping you from smiling? Ask about Invisalign® for virtually invisible teeth-straightening for a truly beautiful smile.

Do a pre-selfie inspection

Before any big race, you’d take your car to get a tune-up. Likewise, when you take a selfie, you’ll thank yourself later if you set aside a few minutes beforehand to tune up your grin. Just think of yourself as your smile’s personal pit crew. Dab on a little lip gloss or tint, and check your teeth. You don’t want Facebook to try to tag the sprig of cilantro stuck between your teeth.


Find the best lighting to make your teeth look their best

The right lighting can make a huge difference between a selfie blooper and one to share with all your friends. Overhead or florescent lighting can add ten years and make teeth look gray. For the brightest looking smile, opt for soft, natural lighting when possible.

Check your surroundings

Once you find the optimum lighting for your selfie, you’re going to want to check the background. Nothing can distract from your beautiful selfie smile like a heaping pile o’ dirty laundry or worse.Tidy up your frame or pick a simple background so your gorgeous grin gets the attention it truly deserves. No one likes playing second fiddle to a discarded pizza box.

Be yourself!

In other words, just be natural or at least attempt to look natural. A whiter smile can give you the confidence to really ham it up. If your smile is forced, people will pick up on it. Just relax and go for it!

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Taken from “5 Tips to perfect your selfie smile” by Julie Sprankles 

Beautiful young lady takes advantage of Whitening and Invisalign available at Dr. Silverman DMD UWS dental practice