3 FUN and Healthy Alternatives for Halloween Candy to Scare Away Cavities

Let’s face it, Halloween can be a really scary night to be a tooth with all that added sugar getting passed around. There are lots of fun alternatives that are sure to keep trick or treaters smiling throughout the night (not to mention help them keep that smile healthier without all that sugar!) Here are a few ideas to consider as Halloween approaches:

1. Glow sticks: Not only are these fun for kids to twirl around in the dark, but it will also help them be seen at night

2. Temporary tattoos: Have a variety of designs for kids to choose from, and give them something to look forward to doing in the morning

3. Fresh fruit: Crunchy apples and sweet nectarines are in season!

P.S. If Halloween candy finds its way into your home, we’ll be here to help scare away the cavities.

Happy Halloween!

Dr. Silverman and staff